Code Red Electronics is a leading independent, stocking distributor of electronic components. Our extensive and growing selection of board level devices ranges from cutting edge, military technology, to hard to find and obsolete products.

We offer ourselves as an integral part of your supply chain, with the goal of saving you both time and money, as well as being an invested partner in the growth of your business.

Please feel free to use our state of the art search engine that can locate billions of parts worldwide 24 hours a day.

Code Red Electronics
999 Foxon Road #25
North Branford, CT 06471
P:  (203) 484-0251
F:  (203) 484-0241 

Terms and Conditions:

Code Red Electronics guarantees all parts sold to be of form, fit and function according to manufactures specifications for a period of 30 days after sale. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all parts received within 30 days of receipt.
Unless othewise specified, the parts are new unused and incident free. All parts are subject to prior sale and carry Code Red Electronics's C.of C.